NVIDIA-Samsung patent war heats up with new trade commission complaint – Beta Wired

The raging legal war between chip manufacturer NVIDIA and mobile electronics giant Samsung has reached new levels, with the Korean company filing International Trade Commission complaints against NVIDIA to back up its latest countersuit.

Samsung is asking the US agency to block the importation of goods featuring NVIDIA chips, which include its Tegra-branded mobile processors and its GeForce graphics accelerators for PCs. There are a number of third-party manufacturers who would be affected by such a complaint if the ITC decides in Samsung’s favor, Including companies that use Tegra chips in mobile gaming platforms and companies like EVGA and Biostar who manufacture and sell video cards in the US.

This is just the latest salvo fired in a patent war that began when NVIDIA leveled accusations against Samsung and Qualcomm that the companies had been violating patents covering its graphics processing unit chips. The US-based chip manufacturer maintains that both Qualcomm and Samsung were using unlicensed versions of NVIDIA GPU technologies in mobile devices like the Galaxy Note Edge and the Galaxy Note 4.

To its credit, Samsung fired back with a countersuit claiming that NVIDIA was the one infringing Samsung patents, not the other way around. Samsung also accuses the company of false advertising by stating that its Tegra mobile chips are the fastest on the market, claiming their own benchmarking efforts have shown that there are chipsets out there that can perform more quickly than NVIDIA’s flagship GPU. Not content to wait for the gears of justice to grind their slowest, Samsung likely filed the ITC complaint because of the comparatively quick turnaround the commission provides for complaints.

As for NVIDIA, the company says it hasn’t had a chance quite yet to examine the complaint closely. Still, the chip manufacturer says it’s looking forward for the chance to pursue its own ITC complaint. All in all, NVIDIA seems unconcerned with Samsung’s antics when it comes to lawsuits, instead exhibiting quiet confidence in the ability of its own legal team to prevail over the South Korean electronics giant once it gets its day in court.

NVIDIA-Samsung patent war heats up with new trade commission complaint – Beta Wired

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