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Microsoft is employing robotic security guards to patrol its facility in Silicon Valley in California.

The K5 security guard robots are manufactured by Mountain View-based robotics company Knightscope.

The K5 stands 5 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds. The robot can run for up to 24 hours on a single charge and can recharge in only about 20 minutes.

The K5 robots do not carry any weapons but they are equipped with a gamut of futuristic gadgets including microphones, alarms, siren, heat detectors, speakers, laser scanners, GPS, odor detectors, and air pollution monitors.

They are also designed to operate independently, and they don’t chase suspects down and try to avoid confrontations with criminals.

If one robotic security guards spot trouble, it will either sound an alarm or dispatch a human security guard to its location.  A button, which is located on the top of its head, can be pressed down by anyone who needs help.

A K5 robot can read up to 300 car number plates per minute and also has the ability to track and analyze faces as well.

In addition, its 360-degree HD surveillance camera streams live video to a command center, and a K5 robot can also track other K5 robot in the region.

Another interesting feature of K5s is that they won’t die out in the field. They will return to the charging station by themselves when their batteries start to run dry.

Currently, a number of K5 androids are also being tested by Knightscope in its San Francisco Bay Area Headquarters.

Microsoft has already stationed four robotic security guards on its Silicon Valley campus.

Knightscope said there are about four dozen companies remained on a waiting list for the K5 robots.

Its inventors hope that one day their machine will eventually patrol malls, offices, college campuses and even local neighborhoods.

Tech giant Google has been working on robotics for past few years. It acquired robotics firm Boston Dynamic for an undisclosed amount.

Microsoft Testing Robotic Security Guards at its Silicon Valley Campus – Beta Wired

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