K5 security robots patrols Microsoft campus in Silicon Valley – The Next Digit

Microsoft is known to be an innovative giant and it has come up with something unique again by beefing up its Silicon Valley Complex with robotic security guards. Sounds really safe, isn’t it? These robots weigh 136 Kg and measure 1.5 m in terms of height. They are really popular in the Silicon Valley now. These robots are more than capable to do tasks that their human counterparts would do.k5-security-robots

The next generation security guards are really handy when it comes to securing a building as they do not have tiring saturation like humans. They are equipped with several important features that can hail them in the Silicon Valley. It will not be long before they become a phenomenon in the Silicon Valley in terms of security.

These Robots are very active, tireless and equipped with laser beams along with cameras and hence, ignoring them is a task for the criminals. They can also detect explosives and other similar vices. They are simply the talk of the town these days and come in very handy to the companies.

Natural Calamities, and other severe problems can also be tackled easily by these robots. The robots are bullet shaped and are capable of sensing the voices around them. The robots are even capable of checking the license plates of the vehicles and register them in their database. It eliminates the chance of anything suspicious to happen in the Microsoft premises.

Although these robots do not possess any weapons with them, but they can be really a helpful security guard considering their abilities and non tiring nature. They are able to detect bombs and raise an alarm for them straight away.

They work on batteries and hence, the security can be facilitated for 24 hours without any exhaustion. These robots are manufactured by Knightscope and they are proud of their product. They are also confident of the fact that these robots will become the next generation security guards for many companies than not.

K5 security robots patrols Microsoft campus in Silicon Valley – The Next Digit

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