Chicago, Atlanta Among Weather Trouble Spots for Weekend Thanksgiving Travel –

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A shifting weather pattern will bring a wide variety of weather across the nation for travel during the week of Thanksgiving, ranging from springlike warmth to winterlike cold with areas of severe thunderstorms, rain, snow and sunshine.

While no giant cross-country snowstorms are forecast, there will be weather trouble spots that could slow roadway travel or delay flights.

In a press release by the American Automobile Association (AAA), an estimated 46.3 million people will travel 50 miles or more from home during Thanksgiving with 41.3 million traveling by automobile and 3.6 million traveling by airlines.

This Weekend

A storm with mostly rain will ride a surge of springlike air from Texas to the Great Lakes and the Northeast this weekend.

The risk of severe thunderstorms including the potential for a few tornadoes will push eastward across the South during the weekend.

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The combination of rain, fog and low cloud ceilings can lead to travel delays from St. Louis and Chicago to Atlanta and Charlotte on Sunday. Similar problems will shift to Detroit, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City Sunday night.

Farther west, rainy weather will slow travel along the Interstate 5 corridor in the Northwest this weekend as snow creates slippery travel in the higher terrain throughout the interior Northwest.

In addition, dangerous crosswinds will threaten travelers on I-15, I-25 and I-90 to the lee of the northern Rockies through early Sunday. The weekend will end with the danger spreading to the High Plains, including stretches of I-40, I-70, I-80 and I-90.

Early Next Week

Warmth that surges into the eastern half of the nation will be swept away in the Midwest and whittled away in the East.

During the first part of next week, showers and thunderstorms will occur near the I-95 corridor.

The steadiest rain will lift northward through Boston and the balance of New England on Monday.

Downpours are forecast to linger in parts of Florida beyond Monday.

As the colder air sweeps eastward through the Midwest Monday into Tuesday, areas of snow will develop, followed by a freeze-up of wet and slushy areas. Several inches of snow will develop and create treacherous travel across Wisconsin and Upper Michigan on Monday. Bands of lake-effect snow will develop.

More lake-effect snow could fall on areas hit hard by feet of snow this past week and flooding that may follow from Sunday to Monday.

Farther west, an area of snow will redevelop in parts of the northern Rockies, that may transition to a wintry mix and rain in some areas.


The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is the biggest travel day of the year across the nation, and travelers along the East Coast are being put on alert for a potential disruptive storm.

Soaking rain will overspread the Southeast Tuesday through Wednesday, but how close the storm tracks to the coast farther to the north will determine how expansive travel impacts will be in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

The best scenario for Thanksgiving travelers in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast would be if the storm stays far enough offshore for rain to only graze the immediate coast. A stronger storm and one that tracks closer to or hugs the coast would expand the heavy rain and bring a swath of disruptive snow.

Snow may also affect part of the Upper Midwest, northern Plains and northern Rockies on Wednesday. Some rain may affect western Washington states.

As cold air holds over much of the Central states and creeps into the Appalachians, the rest of the Rockies and West Coast will be free of precipitation and generally sunny on Wednesday. A warm offshore flow will cause temperatures to soar in Southern California.

Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day, look for the cold to intensify over the Midwest in the wake of a storm system likely moving through the eastern Great Lakes with some snow.

The Atlantic Seaboard and part of the interior South will trend colder. There is a chance that a winter storm could still be impacting New England, mainly early in the day.

The vast majority of the West will be warm with some sunshine.

Chicago, Atlanta Among Weather Trouble Spots for Weekend Thanksgiving Travel –

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